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Producing Face Shields that Save Lives


Our mission, as a collective group of professionals, hobbyists, and students alike, is to aid our healthcare heroes by providing them with alternative options for personal protective equipment.

Medical professionals are in the danger zone, saving people one day at a time. Unfortunately, due to the widespread contamination issues caused by the seemingly unstoppable Coronavirus, PPE (personal protective equipment) is short in supply.

Why are masks important?

Currently, due to short supplies of N95 masks, many medical professionals are forced to reuse them for a week or until they become visibly soiled. This dramatically increases their chances of contracting coronavirus.

When someone coughs on a medical professional’s face, the virus can land on their mask. 3D printed face shields prolong the life of the masks by preventing the virus from getting on the mask.

Meet the Team

Stephen Leverone

Stephen Leverone is a junior at Wheeler High’s Center for Advanced Studies. As a dedicated member of his robotics team for the past six years, Stephen learned plenty about the internal functions of non-profit businesses. With that experience now on hand, Stephen is ready to make the most of giving back to his community.

Kyle Hamptom

Kyle Hampton is a junior at Joseph Wheeler High School and in the math and science magnet program at the school. He’s also a founding member of FTC Team Ultraviolet, a rookie robotics team comprised of veteran members. He’s looking to study aerospace engineering and potentially join the air force as a technician out of college.

Richard Kim

Richard Kim is a senior at Northview High School hoping to major in mechanical engineering. He’s currently the mechanical captain of his school’s FRC robotics team, long time member of Northview swim team, and in charge of 3DPPE’s Duluth branch. When he’s not at robotics, you can catch him reading a book, taking photos, or woodworking.

Tedd Jung

Tedd Jung is a junior at Northview High School who is the website design and lead content manager for the 3DPPE division. He hopes to major in computer science and engineering in college. He is devoted to helping his community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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